martedì, dicembre 05, 2006

Art. Lebedev Studio is a privately held company founded in 1995. With a staff of over 170, it is the largest design company in today’s Russia. We do industrial design, graphic design, web design, and interface engineering.

Our job is to find the most comfortable, beautiful, and simplest solution to a problem and make sure the meaning doesn’t get lost.

As a matter of principle, we don’t work with private individuals, political entities, religious organizations, and jerk-offs as well as those whose beliefs conflict with ours.

The studio’s headquarters are in Moscow, another office is in Kiev.

* * *

We live the way we like. We work the way we believe is right. We don’t give a shit for all corporate values combined. All award plaques end up hanging in our lavatory. We abhor the buzzwords “creative solution” and “optimization of business processes”. For our clients we rarely write proposals more than one page in length.

All of our work is guided by one and only principle that’s two words long.

This does not prevent us from being the biggest design studio in Russia, boasting the largest portfolio, and having no fear that we’ll get overtaken by someone in the next ten to twenty years.

Few people know that we know the best about design. Few people appreciate our careful attention to the Russian language. Those who take pleasure in the fact that there’s no stupid animation on our websites and no author’s name repeatedly printed in the running title in our books usually don’t pay us money.

We won’t necessarily come to terms with someone who wants to work with us. But we will absolutely live the way we like. And work the way we believe is right.

It’s hard to give a definite answer to the question of why people entrust us with solving their problems. Probably because sometimes we find common ground.

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